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Commercial Residential Timberland
Equity Resource Partners
In 2005 our company sensed an inflated real estate market and divested most of our portfolio in anticipation of a correction. Our company assembled a team and organized Equity Resource Partners, LLC as our vehicle to reinvest into distressed property and non-performing loans.

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Chen Development Company
Chen Development, LLC focuses on developing, owning, leasing, managing and acquiring various properties throughout the commercial sector. Our company has developed properties for multiple national retailers including but not limited to: Food Lion, Publix, The Fresh Market, McDonald’s, Bojangles, Children’s Day Care, and CVS.

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Chen Timber
Chen Timber, LLC focuses on the bulk purchase of wholesale timberland opportunities. Our acquisition criterion has ranged from Institutional Timberland, Higher and Better Use properties, Hunting and Recreational tracts along with a variety of opportunistic purchases.

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